12 June 2012

Accepted Prometheus Society Admissions Tests

UPDATE: This information is outdated. Only the MAT is accepted as of 2014.

Since there have been some recent inquiries, here is a list you may use to determine if you might qualify for membership in Prometheus:

MAT 98 
Cattell Culture Fair III (A+B) 88 
WAIS-R 160 
Mega* 36 *(taken on or before April 24, 1999)
Titan* 36 *(taken on or before April 24, 1999)
LAIT* 164 *(scored before December 31, 1993)
"old" SAT* 1560 *(taken before April 1, 1995)
"old" GRE* 1610 *(taken before October 1, 1981)
Mega27* 21 *(taken before November 17, 1999)

*For these tests, new scores are no longer being accepted.

NOTES: The Prometheus Society officers have voted that Mega27 score sheets dated after 11/27/99 will not be accepted for admission to the Prometheus Society. This measure is being taken in response to compromises of the Mega27 test. Score reports for other tests may be deemed inadmissible if it is determined that such tests have been subject to compromise.

11 June 2012

Requests to Join Prometheus Society Facebook Group


You will NOT be admitted to the Prometheus Society Facebook group if you are not a Prometheus Society member or subscriber. In this respect, we are not like the dozens of high-IQ groups on Facebook who admit individuals without regard to their qualifications for the society the group represents. 

If you do qualify and would like to be added, please send a message to the Admin when you submit your request. If you are a current member of the group, please do NOT invite non-qualified individuals to join the group. Such individuals will not be admitted.