27 January 2007

Prometheus Unplugged discovered!

Blogger's now being owned by Google is not without its benefits for those seeking search engine optimization. With no effort whatsoever, someone who starts a blog here has it, within days, indexed by today's most popular search engine and available to anyone who searches on the key term or terms.

Such was the case with this blog, this new blog, this grand concept still not yet out of the egg with which I've been working. One of our astute Prometheus Society members (aren't all our members astute?), an Officer in fact, found this blog and posted a link to it on the Fire List, our discussion group. Already! All who have followed the link have come, therefore, to find my post entitled "Test" and likely wonder just what is going on and what might be in the offing.

For more details, they'll have to wait, I'm afraid. But the news will be good, and there will be much to interest not only our members and subscribers, but the general public as well. This, of course, doesn't preclude my working on the official Prometheus Society website. And I do have some grand changes in the works for it as well. This is something extra, something with benefits that can't be found on the official website, something that will allow our members and subscribers a latitude and means of expression they won't find elsewhere, something that...well, the rest will have to wait.

This is, after all, only a teaser of a post. A little more interesting than the previous post (which will, after this, be deleted) and a little less cryptic.

And yes, comments will be enabled here. If you like, you can comment on what you find here. However, comments will be moderated. Your comments won't show up until they've been reviewed and, if I don't find them appropriate, they won't make their way to Prometheus Unplugged. There will be more on the comment moderation process later.

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