29 January 2007

Gift of Fire Issue 165 Contents

Gift of Fire
Issue 165 Table of Contents

Society Business (including Membership committee proposal)
Ban-Ki Moon and the Future of the United Nations
Universe Had No Unique Beginning
How the Other Half Lives
Bird Flu: The Ultimate "Terrorist" Attack?
The Vampire Wore Dentures
Home-schooling exceptionally intellectually-gifted children
You Are Intellectuals
Song of Myself
About "Song of Myself"
Slow night (report from Crawpappy's Bar, Tulsa, Okla.)
Update on Aging
Neurophilosophy of Consciousness
Brian gets spanked
The Tao of the Cyber Amish
Let's salute the squirrels on this Fourth of July!
Crash! 9/11 Revisited in Manhattan on October 11, 2006
Three Bottles of Spirit
Bathroom Wars: The World Chess Championship 2006

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Anonymous said...

Your journal looks really great. I'm impressed. I've seen other high IQ society journals (for the societies above Mensa) and this is by far the best looking one yet. Bravo!

Stephen said...

Can anyone subscribe to the journal or is there some criteria that has to be met to subscribe? thanks.

Karyn S. Huntting said...


Thanks for the compliment! We are fortunate to have had some really great and talented journal editors. In fact, there will be an article here shortly on our new Gift of Fire Editor, Stevan Damjanovic.


Anyone can subscribe to the journal. There are no criteria that must be met (except, of course, that you won't have access to the journal until we receive your payment *grin*). Please note that subscription does not automatically confer membership on the Fire List, our discussion list. Read more about this on our website.

The price of Gift of Fire is quite reasonable, and subscription allows you access to the current and archived copies of Gift of Fire. Visit our website for more information or to subscribe.

We hope to see you as a new subscriber!

Best regards,