29 January 2007

Prometheus Society Founder Ronald Hoeflin, PhD Featured in Boing-Boing

Seen on the Web: High-IQ societies in the Village Voice from Boing-Boing. The ever-watchful eye of one of our most active members caught this gem and posted a link to it on the Fire List. It talks about Rachel Aviv's recent article in the Village Voice in which she profiled my friend--and yours--Prometheus Society founder Dr. Ronald Hoeflin. Of course, the Prometheus Society is also mentioned. This, said I, deserves a linkback. And so it has come to pass.

Boing-Boing has an excerpt from the Village Voice article. Here is an excerpt from that excerpt:

Hoeflin is fascinated by the idea of a "maximum human potential." Every afternoon, he goes to Wendy's in Hell's Kitchen and reads for several hours with a magnifying glass—he's legally blind—as preparation for his three-volume treatise, The Encyclopedia of Categories: A Theory of Categories and Unifying Paradigm for Philosophy With Over 1,000 Examples. He is kind, awkward, and modest, and tends to explain things with charts. When talking about his childhood, he goes to his bookshelf unprompted and offers the results of a personality test. "I should probably just show this to you," he says. "As you can see, I have this extreme sensitivity factor. So some things are really hard."
To read more of the Boing-Boing excerpt (and to see Boing-Boing for Boing-Boing's sake), follow this link: Boing-Boing goes the Prometheus Society. To go directly to GO, forfeiting a possible $400 prize until the next time around, and take a peek at the Village Voice article, click here: Education Supplement Fall 2006: The Intelligencer - Inside the hypercompetitive world of high-IQ societies.

Happy hyercompetitive reading. And congratulations to Ron.

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